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What You Need To Know About The E Cigarette HEALTH THREATS

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What You Need To Know About The E Cigarette HEALTH THREATS

The e cigarette health risk continues to be Puff Bar unknown to many people. The e cigarette was introduced in the United Kingdom a few years ago and since its introduction there were several reports of people having problems with it. This is due mainly to the fact that these cigarette companies are not advertising their product heavily. E cigarettes have become inexpensive to produce and distribute and this has led to them becoming a hugely popular smoking product. The issue has arisen because e cigarettes are not regarded as a normal tobacco product. They don’t feature the original health warnings concerning the risks of smoking normally seen on tobacco cigarettes.

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E cigarette health dangers are thought to be caused by the nicotine found in the liquid that you spray onto the end of the cigarette. Nicotine is highly addictive and the more nicotine an individual takes the more likely they are to start out smoking again. Because e cigarettes usually do not feature the usual warning signs of smoking a lot of people find that they continue steadily to smoke despite the fact that they know they have already began to smoke.

There are numerous known health risks linked to the cigarette use. The first of the is called “dry throat”. That’s where the throat looses its ability to produce mucus and saliva and the effect is a dry, irritated throat. The reason e cigarette health risks are thought to arise from this is basically because the liquid nicotine that is sprayed in to the air on the exhale is inhaled directly and gets absorbed into the body. Dry throat could cause further irritation to the lungs and in addition inflammation of the bronchial tubes.

It is also thought that e cigarette use can raise the risk of mouth cancer. That is because of the way that the smokers breathe if they are smoking. Once you smoke a cigarette the normal airflow that is required causes the mouth area to inhale plenty of saliva and mucus. The increased volume of these two substances means that more of the harmful chemical compounds are included. The saliva in the mouth also offers the ability to remove particles of food that may have stuck to one’s teeth and gums. If you have not enough saliva to eliminate the particles then they can become lodged in the mouth and lead to tooth decay and oral cancer.

Another known e cigarette health risk is an increased risk of stroke. Smoking constricts arteries and this means that the oxygen that is necessary for the brain and nerves struggles to travel properly. It is a very serious condition and it means that those that smoke often will never be able to have a full night’s sleep.

A few of the longer term effects of longterm e cigarette smoking can even be fatal. The increased threat of heart attack and stroke means that the heart will undoubtedly be under plenty of stress and this can lead to the arteries getting hard and clogged with plaque. The plaque build up can cause the blockage of the artery leading to a stroke.

Finally there is the risk of an e cigarette addiction. If a smoker struggles to give up smoking then they will be more likely to develop cravings. If these cravings aren’t dealt with then there cigarette health threats of nicotine withdrawal will undoubtedly be made worse and much more difficult to deal with.

There are many of things that you can do to reduce your e cigarette health threats. You should try to give up smoking if you can. If you cannot, then you need to cut down as much as possible. Also try to work with a nicotine-free alternative. These could be gum or electronic cigarettes.

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